Latina Women Stereotypes

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women for some time have been misunderstood in Hollywood. The lack of knowledge directors and screenwriters had of Latina women were minimal. Our society believed that the way Latina women acted and looked like in film and media was the way every Latina women was supposed look like.Latinas’ identity is simultaneously shaped by their female gender and their Hispanic ethnicity. Therefore, they face a ‘double jeopardy’ because their identity is partially formed by both sexual and racial stereotypes (Beale). The stereotypes that are often showcased in film and media are the temptress, the “ghetto” Latina, the spitfire, the tough Latina, the maid, the conservative Latina, and the clown. These stereotypes seem to create the identity of Latina women. It is said that Latina women have a Spanish accent and a homogenous look, slightly tan, and their bodies have a curvy shape. In reality, Latinas are a heterogeneous group with different levels of assimilation in the USA, dissimilar cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, and diverse physical builds (Correa). It is this generalization that many people do no understand. How can such a “small” group be so diverse? A Latina women culture is a blend of many different cultures, which makes understanding a Latina women that more difficult. Let us take a look at the …show more content…

This representation of Latina women is still today a major problem. The mass media portrays these women as being promiscuous and conscious of their actions but yet have no control over their desire for sex. These women are often conveying, sneaky, and willing to hurt anyone to get what she wants. Not only are grown Latina women portrayed this way, but also teenage Latina women characters as well. In the TV show The Secret Life on ABC Family, which is about the problems teenagers, will endure in their everyday life. The Hispanic character Adrian Lee played Francia

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