Latino Culture Customs

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Latino Culture Customs To learn about a different culture, I interviewed my longtime best friend Gabby. Gabby is Latina and has lived in the United States for most of her life. Although she has not lived in Mexico or been there very often, she still knows and practices a lot about her culture at home. One of the first things she told me about was food. In Latin or Spanish culture, food is a huge deal. Beans, rice, tomatoes, empanadas, corn tortillas, tamales, and spicy foods are traditional. Drinks such as beer, tequila and various sodas are also common. Another type of Latin food is called pan dulce which is sweet, fluffy, crusty bread. Pan Ducle is often covered in sugar or frosting which is called concha. Another tasty treat of the culture is the candy such as…show more content…
Personality wise, Latinos are commonly very humble and rarely ever complain despite the hard work they put in. There are many traditions in Latin culture. One of the traditions is to always be more giving than receiving and to celebrate Jesus Christ, not only on Christmas but all the time. The majority of the Latin culture takes part in Catholic religion.There is about 80 percent of Latin culture that is Catholic. One popular image of the Catholic religion that I often see in Gabby’s home is the basilica of Lady Guadalupe. As said by the legend, the name of the symbol was chosen by the virgin. Just like in English, in Latin culture or in the Spanish speaking language. There is a lot of lingo or words and phrases that mean a completely different thing than they are saying because Latinos are of a high context culture. For example, aguas means careful but literally it means “water,” Que Pedo means what's up but literally it means “what fart?” Te crees muy muy means “I think you’re a badass,” but literally it means “I think you are very very.” In Spanish culture it is considered very very rude to say stupid and should almost never be used. There are also differences in the nonverbal
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