Latino Families In Therapy Summary

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Latino Families in Therapy Second Edition was published in 2014. Celia Jeas Falicov who is a clinical psychologist, author and currently teaching at the University of California in San Diego wrote the book. As the main contributor of the book Celia’s goal is to help others understand the importance of being competent when working with Latino Families and acknowledging that because the families come from a different background than those giving the interventions we must find therapeutic approaches that will benefit the Latino community. Falicov gives great insight to the different Latino communities that we could encounter and successful evidence based practices that can be used such as a meeting place for culture and therapy (MECA). As a social …show more content…

Bridgeton, New Jersey is well known for having a large Latino/Hispanic population. The fact that I am also Mexican-American makes it easier to relate to surrounding Latino population because I have come across situations that show the gains and losses of migrating from another country. Up to this date my dad always repeats to us that if it were not for his children he would have left back to his hometown in Guerrero because he does not feel a sense of belonging in the United States even though he has been here for more than 25 years. As stated in the chapter one of the main reasons why many Latinos decide to migrate is in search of a better future for themselves and their loved ones. As a social worker I am able to relate to the Latino population because I understand their culture on a personal level, however those that are not able to have that experience this chapter helps convey one of the many struggles that the Latino population has to face and how to properly go about …show more content…

Something that is admirable about the Latino community is there sense of partnership and unification when it comes to religious or crisis events. This past Saturday my community lost two lives due to a car crash. One was a young Mexican-American male who was 19 years old and the other male was also of Mexican decent in his early 40s. They were both well known in our community due to them both playing in the local band. As soon as the news broke out our Hispanic community started planning events such as dances, zumbathon and selling food that will all take place this weekend in order to raise money to be able to cover both funeral expenses and send the body of the second deceased to his hometown in Mexico to be buried. Apart from donations they are also having the rosary to pray for the two deceased that will take place for nine days. This rosary has been opened for all the community and each night more and more people go to give their condolences to the family and show them their support. It is great to see how the Latino community will come together when someone that is a part of their community is in

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