Latinxas Reflection

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Writing, searching, and investigating this paper was really fun. I enjoyed searching and learning new material that I did not know. I really enjoyed picking a topic that I was really into and making a research essay. Meanwhile I was teaching others about the subject, I taught myself some material too. I taught the readers the significance behind Latinxs students and their struggle in the education category. I believe learning about this subject can give a huge value on everyone 's mentality. It is nice to learn about things that happened to different races and how they overcame such things. The more that you know, the better. I felt like if I did not get taught this material, I would never have known about such an empowering movement. I believe I offered all four levels of oppression in my essay. I expressed how and why of the issues throughout my paper. I showed how it can be very impacting to students who are being discriminated towards. I also suggested an idea to fix some issues. I indicated the ways it has saved the education of Latinxs today.…show more content…
It was my strongest because no matter how much I wanted to give my own opinion, I did not because it was a research paper. Some features of my paper that needs improving has to be connecting all my information to one paragraph, so the conclusion. I love to add so much information that may be too much is not so good. If I had one more week, I would add a little more information on the two individuals that I talked about. I did not know if it was a good idea to write about the two individuals but I wanted to add a very important material that made the action
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