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Adults laugh eighteen times per day on average, and babies begin smiling within a month of the day they were born. Laughing is beneficial for multiple reasons. Laughing will boost your immune system and improve the function of your blood flow. Laughter also shuts down the release of stress hormones and releases endorphins instead, which are good for you mentally. Laughter has been proven to improve people's health in many different forms such as socially, mentally, and physically. Laughing is beneficial to everyone's health. Laughing has been proven to enhance everyone's health, but especially advancing the immune system. Researchers did a study that showed that laughter can cause biomedical changes in your body that will boost your immune…show more content…
Laughter releases a healthy chemical into the bloodstream that prevents plaque from building up and clotting in your blood vessels. “There is a strong heart and mind connection”.(Singer) Therefore, if less-stress hormones are released, the healthy chemical that is trying to get to the bloodstream will have a greater chance and the blood flow will be much better. Laughter has been linked to health benefits ranging from lower levels of inflammation to improve blood flow (Heid). When you laugh, there is a change in respiration, blood pressure, and muscle tension, which makes for a higher-pain tolerance (Martin 204). Dr. Lee Berk and Stanley Tan did a study on diabetic patient and found that the individuals that watched a comedy show had a 26% increase in their cholesterol levels. (Singer) Cholesterol is used to make cell membranes and vitamin D for the body, which is beneficial for the hearts health. “We are convinced that chemicals like endorphins compounds that are released from the brain in response to laughter protect your blood vessels”(Singer). The blood vessels expand and make it easier for blood to flow. Dr. Michael Miller did a study, he had half the group watch a funny show and the other half, a serious show. He found that the ones that watched the funny show had a better-blood flow because of the vessels expanding, which is like doing a 15 to a 30-minute workout…show more content…
Laughter is beneficial for your entire body, it all begins in your brain with the endorphins being released. This goes into the blood system which then reaches the immune system. All together it makes for a healthier person. If we laugh each day for 20 seconds at a time, real or fake, it can be as healthy as rowing for up to 3 minutes (Singer). Or, if you laugh for 15 minutes throughout the entire day, you can burn up to 40 calories. Laughter is good for your physical health. It can boost your immunity, lower the amount of stress hormones being released, prevent heart disease, decrease pain so you have a higher-pain tolerance, and relax the muscles. Your mental health benefits from laughter are the relieving of stress and anxiety, improvement in your mood, and strengthening resilience. Laughter also helps create better relationships and increase social support, which can be beneficial for your social health, and this lead to greater-self esteem. When you laugh around a group, all of your criticism and judgemental thoughts are pushed away, which can strengthen your relationship as well. (Robinson, et al) The laughter relieves the stress and has a positive effect on the body (Martin 203). Laughter is beneficial to your health and especially keeping us away from illnesses. It is valuble for everyone. Laughter helps keep us connected, mentally stable, and physically healthy,

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