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1. The part of the book I agreed with the most was the section called “Laugh or you’ll cry”. I think this is very important because laughing not only affects your mood, but your health to. In the book he said, “ Laughter has also been shown to promote good health and speed healing.” This quote came from habit number seven on page 253. I can relate to this quote, and know it 's true because when you laugh your body reacts in a positive way. Sometimes get angry and my head starts to hurt, but when something funny happens and I laugh, my headache then goes away. Laughter also affects you because if one day something very embarrassing to you, you can about it, but if you laugh at your mistakes then you wont feel that bad. I can perfectly relate to this because I used to care a lot about what I did, and as the years passed I started to laugh at my mistakes.…show more content…
Now when something embarrassing happens to me, I tend to laugh it off and don 't let it become a huge deal. Before I would have stressed about it, and put myself down, telling myself I was dumb. I’m glad that I don 't do this as often anymore. The part of the book I connected to the most was when he talked about how a small act of kindness can change a person 's whole day. (Habit #3) He specifically said that acts of kindness can be, “ ...the smallest things- a hello, a kind note, a smile, a compliment, a hug.” I feet like this is completely true in my life because sometimes I do not feel good at all, and if someone hugs me then I instantly feel better. Something about getting physically touched by someone that I know cares about me, makes me feel like everything will be okay. Even the smallest thing like a compliment from a random person at school whom I’ve never talked to can compliment an article of clothing of mine, and I feel more
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