Launa Lea's Short Story, The Moth

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I haven’t had to many encounters with the homeless, besides giving money to some people on the street. I knew some people throughout high school that were homeless, but not necessarily on the street. I’ve let old friends sleep at my house, if they hadn’t anywhere to go. Living on the street, you have to learn and adapt to new living environments and survival skills. It seems as if knowing how to act can also be of use, and is used with lots of people on the streets, according to to, Launa Lea, in her story on, The Moth. The Moth is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on storytelling. It gives people the chance to share something that could be funny, deeply personal, or inspirational, with a willing-to-listen audience. It was established in 1997 by George Dawes Green, whom is a best selling novelist and a poet. They have shows worldwide, that are preformed only to standing crowds without the use of notes. Launa Lea was one of the brave people that took to the stage to share a story about the beauty in a struggling area, working and paying for your own things, but most importantly, an unheard voice, in the streets of Seattle. Launa Lea has been homeless in her lifetime, three times actually, once as a child, once as a teenager, and once as an adult. Maybe this is what…show more content…
The lady screaming, “I work hard, I don’t steal, and everything I have I paid for myself. Why would someone take one of the only things I have? How am I suppose to work tonight without my shoes?” From her time being homeless and for the years of work at the community center, Launa said, “If I’ve learned one thing from those experiences, and from kickin it with this population on Aurora for half a decade it’s this, you can not be seen as weak when you’re on the streets.” From knowing this, Launa initially thought that the lady was just trying to show everyone that she wasn’t someone to mess
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