Laundry Day Speech

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At twelve thirty exactly Abby makes her way downstairs. She is still wearing those horrid, grey pajamas as she trudged into the kitchen, where breakfast has already been conducted and finished. Though, the dishes from the event still await her arrival in the sink. She pulls down a clean porcelain bowl and grab a box of sugary, processed cereal. I sighed to myself, but sound traveled very well in the living room, so when Abby turned towards me from behind the counter tops with an unspoken question I simply continued reading my book. I looked at the clock set above me on the fireplace mantel. “Good afternoon, dear.” I called. “Afternoon.” she answered hesitantly, which was odd since she should be well rested. “Does your alarm clock need new batteries again?” I asked to simply make conversation. “No.”, she sighed. I look up from my place on the loveseat, taking in her appearance. “Is today laundry day? Do you need some help with the wash?” I offered my assistance out of pure generosity.…show more content…
This is when I was crowned queen at the prom.” I scanned the page of iridescent glitter decorations and ran my fingers over the indents of multiple scrawls of autographs from my past admires. I turn the page. “And here I am giving my inauguration speech as student council president in Irving High’s old GYM.” I giggled to myself as I remembered how that day went. “I had to borrow one of my mother’s suits that day. It was her best one too. The lace trim added such an elegant texture; it was beautiful. And we wore the same size, four, so it all worked out. I had that election in the bag, but it helped I guess to be cheer captain as well.” I reminisced with tenderness. “It would’ve been nice to do the same, as in sharing clothes.” Abby’s chair screeched across the tiled floor as she stood abruptly. I flinched at her mannerisms. “Abby, what did I say about the chairs. You will leave marks.” I reprimanded her. I only keep saying these things because she always seems to

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