Laundry Service Swot Analysis

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The technology that we use in our business is a new technology that have a few remarkable strengths. They are mostly associated to its excellence equipment. This excellence equipment means faster access to customers at a very affordable cost and saving more time. It has remarkable strength of the great efficiency, where customers can is reached in the privacy of their service by using our self-service machine. The strength of doing this business shown by our management, which are we have well trained staff or worker to ensure optimum customer service. This is important because our customers can easily interact with our worker if they have any problem about our service or what so ever. In addition, with our worker’s experience, the customers…show more content…
With all this considerable strengths, this making our business a true boom for the new market demand.The first weakness of this laundry service is competition, although there is a significant differentiation between the competitors but it is still be a big problem for our business for a long period. With the development of technology, we can see that our competitors are trying hard to advertise their business and make their business to be known by people such as, advertise it at the TV, newspaper, banner and others. This make us to think other strategy too to promote our business to public people as well as gaining more profit for long period. Second weakness is that a limited marketing budget needed to create brand awareness. Our service use “high-tech” machine and use many kind of medium to promote our business to the society. We have to buy our machine at oversea and it is costly as we buy many of them in order to operate our business. Whereas, for the advertisement, we promote our business through fan page, e-mail and…show more content…
It is known by their technology and efficiency in conducting their laundry. Although now our technology is much higher than laundry but in future may be there is other laundry who are more efficient and attract society’s interest to purchase the business with them. This is the thing that we afraid very much. Another threat is it depends to the society’s income. The wealthy society who are busy will purchase our service as it is not not burden them very much but for the ordinary society’s or who are housewife, they prefer to wash cloth by themselves as it is more safe and save their money. Meaning to say that, our business demand depends on society’s income and lifestyle.The largest opportunity for this business is large target market. The profit for our business is unpredictable and our laundry can be an industry which can serve the society for a long period. Our laundry use high-technology machine which are suitable for all society as it is fast and can serve better than other laundries. Next, we also have the chance to promote Islam in very friendly way and more people especially Muslims will confident to purchasing our

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