Laura Bell Bundy Character Analysis

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As Holly Claus, Laura Bell Bundy defies any paltry words I may be able to use to describe her. She is such an accomplished and precious lass with a gift of unwarranted versatility. When she appeared on the country scene a few years back, I was completely enthralled with her "Giddy On Up," and when I found out she was playing opposite one of my favorite actors, I was intrigued. And Laura did not disappoint. In fact, Laura is one of those people who just makes everything that she does appear effortless and genuine. No doubt, she has labored arduously to make it look easy, but she is remarkably gifted. I was so glad that she got to sing, and it was appealing to hear a traditional carol (she got to sing with Tony who also could sing well). becomingsanta_30_spot_HDI realize that playing a role like Holly may appear to be simple, but I beg to differ. To play a character who is bigger than life and is somewhat magical requires a certain knack. It would be very easy to overplay this role to the point of ridiculousness, but Laura never does that. She characterizes Holly in such a way that she is artful, sweet, and authentic. She is able to entice the viewers into believings that the character…show more content…
When an actor devours his role, the audience cannot help but savor the experience right along with him. No matter what emotions Conner experiences, Jesse is able to give a performance that causes the audience to vicarously experience that emotion right along with him. We only want the best for him and Holly, and even though I had no uncertainty about the ultimate conclusion, I found myself sympathizing with poor Conner because of Jesse 's dexterous characterization. I honestly cannot understand why anyone would choose to malign the sincerity of Jesse 's interpretation of this character, and I can only hope that Lifetime will realize a sequel to this film is a

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