Laura Hillenbrand's Seabiscuit: An American Legend

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Book report Title- Author The story is called “Seabiscuit: An American Legend”, which is a best-selling biography and an inspiration to many. The book was published in 2001, who´s author is Laura Hillenbrand. Laura suffered from Chronical Fatigue Syndrome since she was 19. Before that, she was an active, athletic person. She was forced to stay at home because of her disease most of the time, so she had a lot of time to do writing. She lived through her book since she couldn’t have physical adventures; she rode Seabiscuit in her imagination. Introduction Seabiscuit is about effort, difficult decisions, hard work, and sacrifice. We take for granted that we will have a job when we grow up, that we’re currently going to a great school, and that…show more content…
He was recently injured, and he was never seen practicing. What the public didn't know is that he practiced at night, and he did it beautifully. This made people doubt of his skills, and his speed. The day of the day is here, and the jockey is a bit worried about the muddy track. The race starts, Seabiscuit in ninth. He advances to forth, just up-running Special Agent. He’s going very fast, but Seabiscuit doesn’t get lured into it. Rosemont was waiting for the speed horses to get tired, so he could advance. Red Pollard delivers an amazing strategy, and had a full length of advantage on Rosemont. Inexplicably, they faltered. Seabiscuit turns to the rail and straightens himself before colliding with it. He´s still in the lead, but he gave away a lot of his advantage. Little by little, his lead disappeared. Seabiscuit had a moment to get it back, but he didn’t take the chance. He slowed down, leaving his lead to a neck. Suddenly he got it together and dived forward, but it wasn’t enough, and Rosemont took the lead. They crossed the finish line together, but Pollard knew it already. Everybody was eager to know who won, and when they knew, they all judged Pollard.
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