Laura Throff's An Invisible Kindred

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It is not surprising to see that many people are unwilling to help others, whether they are strangers, close friends or family, when they are too occupied dealing with minor or major problems in their own life. However, in An Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff, the main characters Laura and Maurice demonstrate a completely different type of thinking. Their lives have not been easy, but they still try to give and assist, despite the circumstances they are in at that moment. This shows the readers that unlike the majority of the population, there are still some people who’d be happy to put others in front of themselves. The chances of actually noticing something you are used to seeing everyday and changing your actions is very slim. Nevertheless, it is still a probability and that is what happened to Laura, a salesperson, because of her generosity. For example, “‘Excuse me, lady, do you have any spare change?’… I realized he was just a boy… ‘If you’re hungry,’ I said, ‘I’ll take you to McDonald’s and buy you lunch.’… I told him he could have anything he wanted… I ignored him in the first place…because he wasn’t in my schedule. You see, I am a woman whose life runs on schedules” (1-3). Laura clearly took time out of her busy, organized day to treat Maurice, allowing him to eat whatever he wanted. She wasn’t worried…show more content…
They’d be willing to make sacrifices if it meant that they’d be able to help another in any way. In the memoir, An Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff, this kind of thinking is shown through the actions of Laura and Maurice, two completely different people. Nonetheless, they both share lots of similarities. Apart from both characters growing up in an unordinary household, they also share a characteristic that is not seen very often: kind-hearted and unselfish. It makes them unique and special, mainly because they are
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