Laurel High School Research Paper

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Laurel high School is an academic establishment that has it’s fair share of rules concerning academic integrity. However, the honor codes on certain practice, particularly cheating, are not thoroughly enforced. I propose that my school should revise its policies on cheating to ensure that students are earning the grades they deserve and not achieving through academic dishonesty. As aforementioned, Laurel already has an honor code for cheating. The general policy is that as a consequence, the students involved should be punished and their grades put in jeopardy. Unfortunately, some teachers are more lenient than other when applying this rule. There is an inconsistency with the punishment of some cheating instances over others. For example, Laurel has strict rules on cheating on standardized tests. Because there is such a huge spotlight public schools to perform well on standardized testing, administrators take extra precaution to avoid any incidents that may blemish their appearance, such as a student caught cheating, thus invalidating the test scores of every other student in the area. While this is an effective protocol, it should also be applied in areas outside of testing, like homework for example. Homework is by far the easiest thing students at Laurel…show more content…
Too many students are getting high grades in classes they put forth no effort into. They copy off of a smart students because they know that the correct answers will score them a good grade. On paper, they are surpassing the ones who aren’t cheating because unlike the scholars who they copy from, the cheaters can pick and choose their answers from several ideal sources. By ensuring that these students are punished for cheating and are given the appropriate grade, teachers would be forcing them to learn the course material because the student would fail
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