Laurel Ridge: A Short Story

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On a hot September morning, middle school students from all over Sherwood attended their first day at SMS. A small percent of these students were new to the school, extracted from their recognized and comfortable previous middle school, Laurel Ridge. How did these students persevere? Let us focus on one former Laurel Ridge student’s day.

Ryann Miller began her day in the cafeteria searching for a familiar face in the crowd of unfamiliar faces. The first girl she spotted was Aliyah Long, an old friend from their elementary school, Middleton. Many of Ryann’s friends from Middleton had gone to SMS originally so she wasn’t worried about making new friends. Aliyah and Ryann continued the search for the nine girls Ryann would soon call her her best friends. Soon all nine girls were reunited chatting up a storm.
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Including the fact that Ryann and a few other former Laurel Ridge students would be joining them at SMS. Excitement rushed through them as they prepared for their first day of school, but everyone, especially the new students, were worried about the changes. Would they get lost in the unknown maze of their new school? Likely, yes, but how would they overcome it? The bell for first period rang out, the day had begun.

The next thing you know, Ryann was following a group of her seventh grade friends to her locker. It seemed like everyone got an eighth grade locker but her. After getting lost multiple times in the hallways of SMS she finally asked Mrs. Barrett, a science teacher, for help. Following Mrs. Barrett’s directions, Ryann arrived at the door to Mr. Bowman’s classroom just after the bell rang. Begrudgingly she sat in the front row, alone. She couldn’t help but wonder what her friends from Laurel Ridge were doing at that moment. It would have been nice to see a familiar
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