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Lauren Greenfield is a documentary filmmaker/director, documentary photographer who has also worked with advertisements, famous people and has even made films of her own. She has been in many magazines and has been featured in art museums. Her documentary films mostly focus on women and the oppression and the power of the female gender and the media roles in their mental development and self confidence. These films are named Girl Culture, THIN, Beauty CULTure, Fast Forward and #likeagirl, and with these films in the filming process she made incredible photographs which truly caught her message significantly and these photography exhibitions has been featured in many museums. Along with these she also has made other films, like Kids + Money, and The Queen Of Versailles that focus on other subjects. She has been given numerous awards such as “Most Awarded Director in 2015” for her work in her documentary film #likeagirl, she won the Emmy Best TV Commercial for #likeagirl as well. In 2013 she was named by American Photo Magazine as one of “The 25 Most Important Photographers Now”, and in April 2005 she was number three in “100 Most Important People in Photography”.…show more content…
National Geographic awarded Greenfield with a grant which she used to make her debut monograph which was “Fast Forward: Growing Up in the Shadow of Hollywood”. Five years after, she then made a second monograph which was titled “Girl Culture”. “Girl Culture” is all about the self-esteem crisis of young women and teenagers and the documentary along with the films photography resulted in the film being a real hit. Greenfield also directed a documentary titled “THIN” , and published an accompanying book with the same title. This film has also won countless

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