Lauren's POV: A Short Story

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Lauren 's POV: I remember the voices, the screaming, and the sound of glass breaking as I was pulled from the car. The adrenaline pulsed through my core to the point I couldn 't breathe. Everything felt amazing, and I felt like I was flying. Colors were more vivid and life seamed so wonderful for a split second. Was this it? Had this been the end of me? Then again at the same time everything in my body burned. Was I on fire? Maybe I was on fire. Maybe I really couldn 't breathe. Oh shit I couldn 't breathe. I felt like there was cotton in my throat. What was that bright light? And that one? One after another the bright lights flashed over my closed eyelids. My right arm had gone limp, and my right leg was doing the same. They were trying to get my clothes off but as much as I tried to help them, everything felt like jello. I got so…show more content…
Everything was black. Things began to fly through my consciousness. First it was cartoon animals, then brightly colored shapes that transformed into liquid and fizzled out of view. In this time all noise had vanished until the sound of a large semi truck horn rang in my ears. Slowly the voices began to return. They were loud but confusing. The words seemed clear but none seemed to make a coherent sentence. Suddenly everything became bright like someone hit a light switch in my head. The world was fuzzy but quickly came into view. I was looking at myself. I hovered above the large hospital bed where my limp body lay. Doctors and nurses buzz around my unrecognizable body like busy insects on a mission. I gaze around the room to see if I spot any familiar faces but not one sparks my attention. No voices sound like home either. It was all me now, just me against the world in this moment. I tried to leave the room and find the rest of my family but I guess that 'd not how this dream world works. I couldn 't move from the spot where I stood. My limbs no longer listened to my brain. I was only able to turn my body or dodge a rouge nurse or
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