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Lavinia Fisher, a well-known name among Charleston’s residences and Ghost enthusiast. Her name carries a bleak legend being one of the first female serial killer sparking an interested with popular paranormal television, even with so little actually being true events. Her story, even though over 200 years later, have captivated those engrossed in the dreary tales that surround the Charlestonian culture. The legend of Lavinia, like most legends, indicate what charlestonian closely identify with, in this case being religious. There is little known about Lavinia fisher, until adulthood, however, it is known that she was born in Charleston in 1793. By the 1800s she and her husband, John Fisher opened a hotel six miles north of Charleston, giving…show more content…
In the creation of the legend of Fisher, there are symbolisms throughout, the story focuses almost entirely on Lavinia even though the murders were conducted by her husband as well. The purpose of focusing on Lavinia’s actions instead of John is to show how her good looks were an essential part of luring men in the hotel. Lavinia using her beauty as an advantage communicates the deception of beauty. To many, beauty almost directly attributes of goodness this legend tries to subvert this universally agreed on narrative, by showing Lavinia as a beautiful woman with ugly intentions. With the South typically has strong ties to the Christian religion, many can assume that Lavinia, herself is a representation of the devil and its intentions. Also, a reason why storytellers chose to put Lavinia in a wedding dress at her execution was becuase wedding dresses in the western culture are seen as a representation of innocence and purity. Lavinia’s choice to wear a white wedding dress to her execution represents the willingness to cover her impurities with something that is normally seen as pure. Some versions of the legend mention Lavinia’s refusal to speak to the priest and her famous last words: “If any of you have a message to give the devil, give it to me quick I 'm about to meet him!” Also, insinuate her affiliation with the

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