Lavoe Sarcasm Essay

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1a. Explain why, according to Lavoie, sarcasm is not an effective tool for teachers.
Sarcasm is not an effective tool because it creates a victim. What may seem like a small sarcastic remark to the teacher and other classmates is a much bigger deal to the child it was directed at. The teacher and other students will laugh and forget about the remark within a few minutes but it will stick with the learning disabled student for quite possibly the whole day.
1b. The segment that includes the picture of the cow illustrates the difference between motivation and direct instruction. Explain the significance of that difference.
I think what Lavoie is trying to say is that it is much more beneficial to give students direct instruction instead of
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He points out how their misperception can lead to them getting in trouble without understanding what they have done wrong. For instance, the woman in the video gave the answer “Death Stalker” as a title for the picture because she thought it was picture of skull not a woman sitting at a vanity. She is confused when she gets in trouble because she perceived the picture differently. Lavoie is saying that teachers need to be mindful about how their LD students perceive something before jumping to the conclusion that the child was trying to act out.
1e. Dr. Lavoie discussed the concept of “fairness” in this way. “Fair doesn’t mean equal or everyone getting the same. Fairness means that each student receives what he or she needs.” Reflect on your reaction/thoughts to this.
I agree with Dr. Lavoie’s concept of fairness. I think that fair should mean what is appropriate for each student. For example, it would not be fair for a typical student to have the same goals as an LD student because that’s not helping the typical student reach their potential. In the video Dr. Lavoie mentioned a strategy where he made a deal with an LD student that he would never call on her unless he was standing in front of her chair. The typical students didn’t get the same deal. Some would say this is unfair, but I believe it’s fair because he is doing what is best for that LD student by giving them a better
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