Law Abiding Citizen Cause And Effect Essay

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Cause and Effect In the movie Law Abiding Citizen one cause cost a lot of people there lives. Clyde Shelton was in his house with his wife and daughter when two men broke into there house. It was Clarence Darby with the help of his friend Rupert Ames. Rupert started of stealing what he could off the mantle but then Clarence turned it into a brutal rape and murder starting with Clyde’s wife. Clyde was tied up and was rendered helpless as the attacked his wife and his little girl. When the two men were tried Nick Rice , Clyde’s lawyer for the trials, made a plea deal with Clarence Darby for only five years in prison. Clyde did not believe that justice was served and that the justice system needed to be taught a lesson, so he set out to do just that.
As a result of this Clyde wants revenge. First he has to find a way to get the men that tortured his family. Rupert ames had gotten the death penalty and there was not a way to get to him, so instead Clyde hacks into the shipping company that brings all the drugs for the death penalty to the jail.
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This got him put in solitary confinement which was exactly what he wanted. To no one's knowledge he had dug out tunnels from one of his properties to each solitary confinement cell. Now he could leave the jail whenever he needed to. He used this advantage to start getting back at the rest of the people who were involved with the trial. He starts by sneaking out of the jil when no one was around. Clyde goes after Judge Burche’s, she was the judge over his family's killers trial, he rigs her cell phone with a bomb and sets it to explode when he calls it. He waits until Nick is in a meeting with her and blows her up. Then he goes on to plant bombs in all of Nicks law firm workers cars, because in his mind he is setting everything right. When the all start to leave the law firm there cars start exploding killing six

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