Law Enforcement In The Victorian Era

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Have you ever wondered what it like to live during that era. I’m going talk about the history of the Victorian Era. During the Victorian Era there was a lot of jobs but i’m going to talk about the Miners, Maids, and Doctors. I will be discussing law enforcement; we will be learning about what types of crimes were committed,how the police helped everyone around them, How old you would have to be to go to prison, and talking about what the government does. For food i’m going to talk about what they ate for an entire meal for the week of August and a 12 person dinner during March. These are a few things from the Victorian Era
The Victorian Era started in 1837 when Victoria became Queen. She was 18 years and ruled for the next 68 years until her
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First the crime, in 1800, there were about 200 types of capital crimes for which the punishment was execution by hanging. People convicted of offenses such as shoplifting, theft, housebreaking, forgery, and burglary were no longer sentenced to death. (Mitchell 95) Second the police, they wore a overcoat and a helmet. Some of the improvement in public safety during the nineteenth century were brought about by the development of efficient police forces.(Mitchell 100) Third the Prison, if you were a kid over seven you would be in the same prison with all the adults.(Mitchell 97) Finally the government is, officially, ruled by a sovereign with the advice of Parliament. Parliament, like the U.S. Congress, has two…show more content…
This what they ate for entire week of August. Monday - 1. Cold lamb, Salad, Small meat pie, Vegetable marrow and White sauce. 2. Lemon dumplings. Tuesday - 1. Boiled mackerel. 2. Stewed loin of veal, French beans and potatoes. 3. Baked raspberry pudding. Wednesday - 1. Vegetable soup. 2. Lamb cutlets and French beans; the remains of stewed shoulder of veal, mashed vegetable marrow. 3. Black- currant pudding. Thursday - 1.Roast ribs of beef, Yorkshire pudding, French beans and potatoes 2. Bread-and-butter pudding. Friday - 1.Fried soles and melted butter. 2.Cold beef and salad, lamb cutlet and mashed potatoes.3. Cauliflowers and white sauce instead of pudding. Saturday- 1. Stewed beef and vegetables, with remains of cold beef; mutton pudding.2.Macaroni and cheese. Sunday - 1.Vegetable-marrow soup.2.Roast quarter of lamb, mint sauce, French beans and potatoes.3.Raspberry-and-currant tart, custard pudding. ( Mitchell 124) This is the plain family dinners for August. This is a 12 person dinner for March - First Course White Soup, Clear Gravy Soup, Boiled Salmon, Shrimp Sauce, and dressed Cucumber, and Baked Mullets in paper cases. Entrees- Filet de Boeuf and spanish Sauce, Larded Sweetbreads, and Rissoles Chicken Patties. Second Course- Roast Fillet of Veal and Bechamel Sauce, Boil Legs of Lambs,Roast Fowls, garnished with Carrots and mashed Turnips Vegetable- Sea-kale, Spinach, or Broccoli. Third Course- Two Ducklings,

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