Relationships In Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement Relationships
Communities have been impacted greatly due to the relationships between police officers and young gang members. The reason why it comes down to the communities is because they feel endangered with gang activity throughout the streets. Quite often police officers are involved but most of the time they don’t do much. People have this resentment towards officers mainly because of the point of view. The Law Enforcement has no positive influence on teen gang members due to teenagers mentality, lack of trust between teenagers and police officers and the way the officers handle the situation.
Teens tend to have an outbreak and rebel against police officers simply because there is no trust whether it’s personal experience
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You’ll leave changed but still have that same mentality. You may leave to better yourself but one thing for sure is that you are engraved with gang in you, you’ll leave to change for the better but one thing for sure is you will not lose that part of you. The mentality teenagers have when leaving a gang doesn’t change and still contain that hatred for officers and the opposing gang or rivals. “ The gang lifestyle is tailor-made for self-destructive people,’ johnson said” (Mc. Dermott 1). Many times they feel like that lifestyle was made for them that they were meant to be on the streets. But that isn’t a lifestyle that is not the route to take or the way to live. Usually people who enter a gang have something wrong it is either at home with their families or even in themselves. They want to change and do something different in their life so they enter one for the rush and the love that the members or the “streets” will give them. Once they realize to a point that a gang isn’t for them they want to change and they do but not too much for the better. They may have progressed but their mentality is still practically the same. “ Now at 28, Johnson has a full-time job and a family, and for the most part, walks a median between what he calls the ‘real world’ and ‘hood life’. But he said he still has allegiances , and if he’s called upon, he will do ‘ what…show more content…
They make it seem like they do but there is no positive effect there is no change. They may not be tried in the courtroom as strict as they do with adults but as a result the way they plan to help them isn’t the best. “ Judges and probation officers send them and say, you got them for 6 months, or you got them for a year, work with them, see if you can turn their lives around. ‘ you know there kids from birth to 15, 16 years old, have been through so much garbage, it takes longer than 6 months, a year to work with these kids.’ Gonzalez said ‘ it’s a lifetime thing with these kids”(McDermott 2). They believe that what they decide is right but it really is not these poor kids have gone through so much and have dealt with personal issues and they think sending them with a specialist for a few months works? In reality these teens need a lifetime of help, they need someone to be there as their backbone for the rest of their lives if their parents and family isn’t there because the streets aren’t the best for them. A temporary therapist will not help because they try too hard to change you or push you to point where you’re upset or rebel. It won’t be effective because either it’s rushed or the teens rebel against the help. They’re in denial and want no help from anyone that relates to the justice system. There isn’t many methods officers use to help the
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