Law Enforcement Thesis Statement

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Question: If you were Dr. Martin L. King, tell ways how Law Enforcement you would improve communications with the Local Community?

Thesis Statement: What are three ways you would improve Law Enforcement in a Local Community?

The first example of a way to improve the law enforcement is by enhanced the right of men and women the right to protest against the cruelty that police officers do to

the innocent.

On the website that I stumbled on while on the internet, it reads that

During the month of October, police killed 95 people, according to the Killed By Police database. It was 71 people at least killed and injured. A reported also says that 950 people were killed and injured thanks to police officers this year of 2015, with two
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From the #RiseUp October last month, a long series of destruction in New York has attempted to shut down Rikers Island and called an end to the police terror worldwide. A large number of Family Members of the unfortunate participated in a march joined with students, pastors, activists, and public speakers like Dr. Cornel West and Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino against the Brutality of the Police Force. The newest research tells that the number of U.S. police officers are charged with fatal shooting has hit the highest level in a decade. A dozen officers has been charged with Manslaughter this year, up from the average of about five a year 2005 to 2014.

The second example of a way to improve Law Enforcement is to protect the children from certain police officers so they will not feel frightened or

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