Law Enforcement Wearing Body Cameras

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Law Enforcement wearing Body Cameras In today’s world, crime is at an all time high and it is a very serious issue and we need a solution to take care of these serious problems these problems will only grow over time and it is time something is done about it. It is very important to keep this world a safe place as our population grows. A solution could be for police to wear body cameras to prevent abuse towards law enforcement, police abuse towards citizens, and to help in some court cases involving police brutality. It is no secret that there is abuse towards law enforcement these days. People are not respecting authority like they should, and it will only get worse as time goes on if nothing is done about it. “The research on police body …show more content…

We do not hear about these cases near as much, because sometimes these cases are never really brought to light (Stewart, Police Brutality). Police brutality is a huge problem in this world today and we need to take it very seriously, body cameras have been promoted as a solution to the police misconduct problem. Some examples of police taking their authority too far is Michael Brown killed in Ferguson, and Erik Garner killed in Staten Island (funk, New york times). These cases could have been support a lot better in court and kept everyone true to their word if body cameras would have been in the picture, the families could be relieved in knowing what actually happened in that incident and the case could have been put to rest a lot sooner than they were. Studies show that use of force complaints were decreased by 75 percent once the use of body cameras was put into play (scheindlin, pg 1). Even though having law enforcement wear body cameras would dramaticly help reduce the number of cases involving police brutality there also needs to be some further training as well, for police officers it is hard to train for these very difficult situations and you really can’t train for it to some extent and a lot of citizens don’t know what it is like to be in a situation where you might possibly have to kill …show more content…

If we could figure out how to use body cameras in the best way possible and came up with a good system for them i think this would be the best thing to keep our communties safe. This would prevent abuse towards police, police brutality towards citizens, and help keep statements truthful in court cases, i think if we can do these things our world would be a greater and more importantly a safer place to

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