Law In The White Squall

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White Squall is a movie about a group of young boys in high school or college that aboard the “Albatross” to learn about sailing, become educated and find what direction they want to go in life. Christopher ' 'Skipper ' ' Sheldon mentors the thirteen boys as they travel half the globe, around south America and back in the span of eight months. Throughout the movie, the Albatross endures many incidents in the Caribbean that required strenuous effort. Even though in the boy 's eyes, Skipper is seen as somewhat of a drill- sergeant; he maintains order on the boat by putting in place strict rules that govern the ship’s society. Without law, the society would crumble under its self as crime and chaos levels would rise. White Squall demonstrates that law is essential in a flourishing society because it is what governs people to make right decisions, maintains a natural order and determines what will happen to those who do not abide by the law. Basic, fundamental laws are what shape our everyday lives; however, because we have been taught from a young age what is right and wrong in the modern-day era, following simple laws becomes second nature. As the boys’ board the Albatross, they become a member to an alien society with rules that they find strict and almost inhuman. After…show more content…
The White Squall is a movie where thirteen young boys go on an eight month trip upon the seas where they learn more about who they are and those around. They are put under strict living, learning, and working conditions that have many rules behind them. Captain Skipper puts these laws into place because “if there isn’t order, then there is nothing.” Laws are what establish the society, what consequences might be one the boat and how might they solve major issues. Law is what keeps the society running and without law, there would be chaos and it would become survival of the fittest. The law what make the Albatross flourish because the crew that is mending to it is working in
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