Law Of Genetics: Gregor Mendel's Laws Of Inheritancetics

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Gregor Mendel was born in 1822. He was an Augustinian monk and is known as the father of genetics, who carried out numerous crosses in the mid 1800s. He worked mainly on garden pea plants where his works led into two laws. Mendel’s law of segregation, also his first law states that,
• Inherited characteristics are controlled by pairs of factors now known as alleles
• These factors segregate at gamete formation so that only one factor is carried in each gamete.
Mendel predicted that alleles which are different forms of the same gene occurred in pairs which meant cells were diploid and some process now known to be meiosis resulted in the number of alleles being halved. When two flowers of different colours, are crossed they produce one colour which then becomes the dominant colour while the other colour becomes the recessive colour in this case white. Genotypes would be the generic appearance while phenotype is the physical appearance.
Mendel’s second law applies to crosses involving more than one gene that is two pairs of alleles. Each allele of a pair can combine completely randomly with either member of another pair.
Mendel’s laws of inheritance and how it applies to mono hybrid crosses
Mendel’s law of inheritance to mono hybrid crosses applies when you are looking at just one trait. Firstly the individual must be diploid, that means they must carry two alleles for the same trait and that gametes carry only one of those traits. He also said you could have various

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