Lawn Mower Essay

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Introduction A lawn mowing device is a machine that helps to cut a lawn to a consistent height. There are two difference types of cutting systems for lawn mowers which known as rotary mowers and cylinder mowers. A cylinder mowers has the grass box located at the front, and it has employing a multiple blade at the front of the mower to slicing the grass blades about a single horizontal axis. The rotary mowers have rotating blade underneath that rotate at a very high speed. The basic rotary mowers has a handlebar attached and the grass box is located at the behind so that it can provide a better vision as compared with the cylinder mowers. The types of lawn mower can be classified into 4 main kinds based on gasoline engine, manual handy, robotic…show more content…
Firstly, the problem is the size of the yard. With the target specific size of the yard then we need to design the require size of the lawn mower. After that, we can choose the suitable blades to use in the lawn mower. Next, we will consider the type of the lawn mower. Whether running with a high performance or running will high energy efficiency. Since we are required to design an automatic lawn mower, then we need to design the regular cut way for it. When the lawn mower meet an immovable objects, what precautions and how the lawn mower to turn over the obstacles. Moreover, the flexibility and length of grass that we need to consider also by changing the sharpness of the blades. Lastly, the cutting height of the lawn mower will be an important problem for the designed lawn mower. Aims and Objectives The aims of this report are to study and design an automatic lawn mowing device for domestic use that reduces the load for the user and produces good cut in the lawn with a faster time. The design an automatic lawn mower that can be user friendly and most importantly, safe to use. Our objectives are to decrease the cost of automatic lawn mowing device and produce an automatic lawn mower that is affordable, reliable and performs better. • Improve energy efficiency • Longer life
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