Lawn Mowers Research Paper

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So choosing the right one is a big deal. For starters, let 's consider you have a small to mid-sized yard. What type of mower is best for you? The answer? Small to mid-sized push lawn mowers, either electric or gas-powered, with or without bagging capacity, and with or without the option to mulch resulting clippings. Each of these types has its up and down side. Electric lawn mowers, for example, must either be plugged in or have a fully-charged battery to operate; yet they are also the least expensive to operate and maintain, as well as being quite environmentally friendly. Gas-powered push mowers, on the other hand, do not need an external power source, have greater horsepower and cutting/mulching ability, and typically get your lawn mowed much quicker. The down side is that they require more expense in gas and oil as well as more maintenance in the long run. For sheer power, though, it is tough to beat a gasoline push lawn mower.…show more content…
The best riding mower does a great job for large to extra large lawns as well as the majority of commercial applications. Almost exclusively powered by gas, these models come in a variety of sizes and styles; a few examples include: zero turn lawn mowers, sickle bar mower, and dual or multiple mowing deck mowers; which are primarily used for large tracts of turf such as those found on golf courses or farmland. So, what is the bottom line in choosing the right mower? Know your lawn size and grass type; have a general idea of how many times you need to mow; and consider what your annual mowing budget needs to look like. By answering the above questions, you 'll have a pretty good idea on where to begin your

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