Lawrance Nealon Case Study

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The case of Lawrance Nealson

The car breaks down somewhere outside Sacramento by a small lake and a motel on it 's death bed. Marlene doesn 't sleep, so while Lawrence crashes in a worn out bed she sits on a sun bleached dock stretching into the dark lake. She sits out there for what could be five minutes or an hour (she was never good with time) before Lawrence comes out. He drops down next to her and lights a cigarette, smoke clouding around his face and feet moving around in the water. Marlene looks over at the boy who is still so, so young at only 18 and feels a bitterness for herself. He blows smoke in her face and she doesn 't smile or tell him to knock it off like she would have done that morning. He hadn 't smoked till he met her. Three weeks ago, to the day
Marlen was just finishing her last job, a little girl (and less importantly her mother) with an abusive father that would be reincarnated as Janet Simmons. A girl that would grow up to be a social worker, set the bar for saving children from abusive homes, and have an orphanage named in her honor. The girl had been seven when Marlen took her, and named Lucy Donovan at that point. Her father had beat her and her mother into near death condition multiple times then refused to let them go to a hospital and drank himself into dept
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In between events:
They had stopped at a bar the first night of their drive. Lawrance sat in a pleather seat hacking on his first cigarette, a man hands him a glass of whiskey to wash it down but only serves Lawrance to hiss as it burns down his throat. Marlene just laughs because when one of the bikers surounding them now pats Lawrance on the back and the poor sucker looks happy and as if he 's acomplished something. It 's Marlene 's job to make him happy in his last days, she had taken Lucy and her mother to disney land and treated them like millionars for a long weekend. Even

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