Lawrence Exeter Junior Short Story

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Lawrence Exeter Junior graduated with honors from the military academy and some said he was the best the academy had ever seen. Of course this please his father, but did his father say a word about him being proud or happy with his son? No, he never did. Lawrence Junior grew increasingly frustrated and started to give hope of ever having a real father. He had not called his father dad in years and addressed him as sir not only out of resect like the academy taught him, but because that’s all he was to Junior. His father had grown to be nothing, but an acquaintance. The day after Junior’s 18th birthday his father brought him home one of the nicest Cadillac’s there was. Was this his father telling him he was proud of him r him just trying to…show more content…
When he was on his way to pick up the boys he became distracted and lost focus of where and how fast he was driving. All of a sudden he was headed head long into oncoming traffic so he jerked his wheel to the right. When he did that he avoided the oncoming traffic, but sent himself flying off of the road into a tree. Junior was okay, but the car definitely was not. He just knew his father was going to be furious with him, but how was not sure if he cared anymore. Once Lawrence Exeter Senior received word of his son wreck and heard the extensiveness of it, his heart stopped. It could not be happening. No, not again. He left the office faster than he had ever before. On the way to the scene of the wreck all that he could think of is how long it had been since he told his son he loved him ad would do anything before, but even more than that how long had he called him son or his son called him dad? He could not remember when the last time was and he felt frantic. His son had to be okay, he had to tell him he loved him and how proud of him he was. How was he going to make all the wrongs he had done over the years,
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