Lawrence Wargrave: The Murder Of U. N. Owen

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Out of all of the suspects that could possibly be U.N. Owen, I believe that Lawrence Wargrave is the only one that could possibly be the suspected murderer. The evidence was made quite obvious at the beginning, when he was the only one in the first-class smoking carriage. Tickets for that train car must have been awfully expensive, so a person could only buy a ticket for that train car if they had the money. So, since he is the only one in this car of the train, he must have a large sum of money compared to the other characters in the book. Soldier island is a ravishing mansion that would cost a fortune to own. Lawrence Wargrave is the only one who could afford to buy this mansion if my observations about the first-class train car are correct.…show more content…
Owen could possibly be, he speaks like he is in a courtroom, having each of these characters go up for trial. The fact that all of these people are guilty of murder, and the Justice has the tenancy to kill people in the courtroom directly points to the Justice being the one who has this all planned out. He is the only one who could possibly know about these murderers that weren’t convicted, and wants to bring them to justice. Justice Wargrave is the only character with a set motive, which is killing off the ones who are guilty but never convicted. Another piece of evidence that could possibly show that Justice Wargrave is the murderer is the fact that he is left alone more often then other characters. When Blore, Lomard, and Armstrong go off looking for clues as to what they could find on the island, the Justice is left alone. There are many things the Justice could have done while the other boys where frivolously searching the island. The last bit of evidence that directly points to the Justice being the murderer is how he is the one who tends to point out the obvious. As he is going over all of the clues about U.N. Owen, he is the one who bluntly points out, “It’s perfectly
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