Lawyer Career Disadvantages

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The lawyer job is to keep you from being punished. The lawyers will argue to the court on your behalf and will ask questions witnesses for the prosecution and raise all sorts of legal defenses The defense lawyer does not care about your guilt or innocence; as their only aim is to ensure they are defending. you.It is a requirement under the law of the land.The prosecuting lawyer 's job is to convict you or send you to jail. due to the fact that they are fighting that you have done wrong and are against you.
The judge is the person who decides what is going to happen to the person.The judge decides what evidence comes in and what evidence stays out.Also the judge makes sure every lawyer gets a fair opportunity to explain their points about their case to the jury. The jury finds you guilty or not guilty and sometimes the jury 's verdict is overturned by the judge at other times he accepts their verdict. In most civil cases there are no juries and the judge decides everything based on the evidence presented to the court by the lawyers.

Solicitors main job is to provide advice clients on how to proceed with their matter.Most solicitors work together in law firms,others work separately or with the government.They provide expert legal support and advice to clients. They take instructions from clients and advise on necessary courses of legal action. Clients can be individuals, groups, public sector organisations or private companies.Solicitors may use some of
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