Layman's Term 'Overcoming Insomnia'

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Overcoming Insomnia

by Harley Doherty

In Layman’s terms insomnia can be described as frequent lack of sleep. Another way of describing insomnia would be Hyperarousal. The state of arousal is a complex energetic state of mind which like most components in the body is regulated by homeostasis. When levels of arousal reach a certain extent, it’s homeostatic state is disturbed and equilibrium becomes offset. Many confuse insomnia with the sleep drive being much weaker than that of the arousal component. On the other hand, both the sleep and arousal drives of the brain are heightened, the arousal part is just at a much higher level. People who suffer from insomnia produce more glucose in their brain than
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The technique consistently produces results that are comparable to, or even exceed, those of sleeping pills”(nytimes 1). Other alternatives that attempt to calm and reduce stress are also advised to those suffering insomnia as a way to lower the state of arousal in that person. Activities like yoga, art, music, hiking and exercise are all known to relieve stress in some way. A positive look on insomnia would be the drive it gives people to overcome it and better their health to avoid it in the future. Anxiety and depression are two leading causes to insomnia. Without knowing it, insomnia can be triggered by a checkered past awaiting closure. Going to a therapist and working out any unsolved problems could also help overcome insomnia. In some cases insomnia is a sleep disorder alone caused by other sleep disorders like sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. Irregular habits like working night shifts or frequent jet-lag send confusing messages to the brain about when to sleep and can cause long term consequences. By changing eating habits and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle are all ways to fight wein out of insomnia. Adapting bedtime routines like mindful meditation and set breathing patterns will help to relax the body and send signals to the brain signalling sleep. Overcoming insomnia is structurally about the mindset you keep through it. Negative, pessimistic thoughts toward whether you will beat the insomnia will only result in a continuation of the condition. The mind controls all of the bodies functions, the phrase mind over body is a great example of this. It’s plausible for someone to feel as if their inner being is detached from their subconscious mind. However, a person has the ability to control how their body reacts to certain things as well as how much of something
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