Lazaro Cardenas Research Paper

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In 1924 Elias Calles was elected president of Mexico. He supported agrarian, labor, and educational reforms even though he was more conservative. Being aware of previous military uprisings, Calles ended the political influence of the army. Also during his term, Calles had many difficulties with the United States and the Roman Catholic Church. Calles remained in power for over ten years due to his use of “puppet” presidents(e.g. Emilio Portes Gil, Pascual Ortiz Rubio, and Abelardo L. Rodriguez).Calles made a lot of promises, but unlike Lazaro Cardenas he didn’t follow through with many of them. In 1934 Lazaro Cardenas was elected President of the Nation of Mexico. Cardenas was more progressive than any of his predecessors. He revitalized land reform, changed the face of labor movements; furthermore, he created the Banco de Crédito Ejidal. Cardenas was more for the people, whereas Calles was for himself and his money.
In his economic administration, Calles balanced the federal budget by decreasing expenditures of the National military which allowed him to implement road pavings, rural electrification programs, and
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While it was an extremely small redistribution, it was still more land than all of his predecessors combined. Most of the land was terrible pieces no one wanted, even so the Haciendados received most of the area given. Calles did just enough to skate by without having a revolt on his hands. His land redistribution led to a decrease in crop production which consequently left the Mexican people poverty stricken. In his political pursuits, Lazaro Cardenas reformed over 49 million acres to campesinos, which was more than twice as much as all of his predecessors combined. He gave most of the land to campesinos as ejidos, causing food production to increase rapidly. Therefore, increasing the value of the Mexican Peso, carefully avoiding
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