Lazy Joe Short Story

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I began to laugh to myself as I thought about how stupid this asylum, this prison for those whose family does not want to take care of them, as a better and more realistic definition, was stupid enough to leave me and Gwen alone with only one security guard during “nap time”. And of all guards, although the staff is low because who would want to take care of a bunch of ill people right? This prison would leave us with “lazy Joe”. Have they lost their minds? Have they forgotten? Surely not, who could forget the rampage Gwen and I threw upon not having our pudding. Since that day, every guard trembles upon my presence, not to forget switching from glass cups and plates to the paper alternative. Although, Gwen didn’t even get in trouble for that like I did.…show more content…
Gwen got up and approached the guard, although he did not react to this. Then I got up and approached him too. This is when he got his gun out and with his shaky hands pointed it at my forehead. A shot to kill. I inched closer, and closer, with him still screaming at me to stop or he will be forced to shoot. But I was not worried. This was “lazy Joe”, of all people; he would be the last person in this prison who had the guts to actually pull the trigger. I actually love the guy for it, but it would result in this being his death scene. I finally was standing face to face with Joe. All I could hear was Gwen screaming at me to attack already but Joe did not seem to notice. I could not take it any longer. Gwen’s screams took over my body. I smiled at her as I jumped on Joe. Never have I been so strong, so overpowering then in those few seconds it took to steal the gun and point it at him. He did not even put up a fight at this point he just laid and stared right at me. He knew I had no mercy. No feeling of regret. So, I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. It gave me such a

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