Le Brocheur De Vivre Henri Matisse Analysis

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Art is also able to make something unique through pay attention in creating abstract meanings of products. Henri Matisse, a painter, thinks the happiness is sheer and pure; it is a human right through his painting which is named Le Bonheur de Vivre. Comparing to the modes of movie, music and speech, this painting focus on using the color and simple lines to explain his happiness is. For example, this painting uses the warm color to draw all the subjects in the painting, such as trees, grounds, sky, and ocean (Matisse). Usually, people thinks warm color stands for happiness and cold color stands for happiness.so through the warm color used in the painting, the whole sense will give people a feeling of comfortable and happiness. it is what other modes may lack in their expression of determining what happiness is. Meanwhile, the distinctive part of simple lines is also make the theme of happiness preform. Trees and people in the painting are all made of curves which are simple lines (Matisse). In this painting, people will realize that there are lots of couples of people who are naked and lie down in the ground. The couples of people clearly perform happiness is human right because they can do what ever they want, even they choose don 't wear any clothes. For Matisse, his painting expresses the opinion that people can freely pursue happiness life and express their happiness…show more content…
In the four sources, they are arguing the definition of happiness from different modes. According to the different modes, they are only focus one of the definition of happiness showing to his specific audience. Each one has unique ability to communicate the meaning of life. So people could not give which definition is wrong or right because all of modes emphases different part of definition. So the arguable topic about the definition of happiness still needs
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