Le Livre De La Jungle Analysis

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V.2. Preliminary conclusions “Le livre de la jungle” is probably the most famous work of Louis Fabulet and Robert d’Humières. Earlier editions are collectibles and the price can be pretty high. Analysing the translation, we discovered a very small number of micro-strategies in comparison with the Romanian versions. The majority proved to be on purpose, as it is obvious from the discussions, part of the analysis. Every single addition, permutation and substitution has a scope, most of the times connected with stylistic and linguistic ground. Modulation and repetition, were not found. We did encounter an adaptation, which, according to Klitgård, can be considered a text-specific translation problem: Marshal Niel is translated into “Maréchal Niel”, marshal meaning maréchal in French. However, Maréchal Niel is the original name of the roses. In a nutshell, the work Louis Fabulet and Robert d’Humières performed is almost flawless. When talking in terms of micro-strategies, it is the perfect combination between literal and oblique translation. It keeps the meaning and also keeps the TT as close to ST as possible. Nonetheless, the romantic note added to the text is the mark of the translators. Although not mentioned before, it is relevant the fact that in many French translations, the translators are not listed as translators, but as authors. CHAPTER VI -Italian translation overview- The Italian version is an ebook available online. Unfortunately, there is no

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