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Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch Or Dinner At Le Pain Quotidien
Bringing dishes which use simple and pure ingredients to create nourishing meals that feed your soul is Le Pain Quotidien which has branches in a number of cities in the world including in London. Whilst Le Pain Quotidien is a international chain eatery, each branch has a very one-of-a-kind and homely vibe to it, leaving you feeling relaxed and re-energised upon a visit. Examples of branches that can be visited in London are in Covent Garden, Holborn, Tottenham Court Road and St. Pauls. My all-time-favourite, however, and the one that I have to urge you to enjoy has to be the one in Canary Wharf which is located within Jubilee Place at Unit 84. Having visited this branch on countless occasions, I can confidently attest that it is simply one of the best places to enjoy food for either a quick bite or a leisurely meal with friends and family.

As you enter this branch of Le Pan Quotidien, you will see on the left-hand side that there is a lovely display of freshly prepared goodies for
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If you do have a sweet tooth and your favourite part of any meal is actually dessert, then don 't worry as Le Pan Quotidien believes that if you 're generally a clean eater, then giving yourself a treat is a good thing and in fact, it goes all out in some of the treats that it offers you; so get ready to read about it. Le Pan Quotidien has the following options on its menu: a summer fruits panna cotta tart, ricotta and lime cheesecake, strawberry tart, chocolate bomb, carrot cake and an enormous Manhattan organic chocolate chip cookie. Tempted? Of course you are, who wouldn 't be? I must add though that some of the sweet treats (much like the savoury dishes) are very generous in portion size so you may wish to

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