Le Roy's Break-Personal Narrative

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A +++++++ man just can 't catch a break. He brought his 9mm up at the sound of footsteps creaking the old wood floor of the fly ridding old Chicago hotel on the south side. Who goes there? Stop or I 'll blow you “beeping” head off. A confused voice answered out of the darkness. “Le Roy it 's me Willie.” “Whats the word?” “Knock it off, Le Roy. Stop messing around.” “The word. ' Le Roy insisted. Willie said “s+++ O.K. it 's Obama, are you jacked now?” replied Willie. Le Roy lowered the piece as Willie stepped thru the doorway into the meager circle of candlelight. “Can 't be too careful,” he said, as he cupped his hands and blew into them. It was very cold in this unheated fleabag room. “So what you been doing?” Le Roy asked. “Down at the…show more content…
+++++++ men ain 't harmless. Do you know about how many people have been killed by street gangs here in Chicago in the last year? There were almost 470, three times that were wounded, That sound harmless to you?” Willie shook his head. “I must of missed that.” “See, that 's my point. If there had been 470 Asian killed, you think you wouldn 't know about it? H—L, it would have been the top news story of the year! The whites, the Christians, the Asian, they get all the attention they want, even when they 're not doin ' nothin '. But, gange members who look like you and me, what do we get? Zip. Nada. What do we need? Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow? For Ch---- sake, we 're committing felonies and violating those gun laws against the city, state and federal government all the time. Sin 't that enough?” Willie said, he was going back out to the street. Le Roy went back to stamping his feet and clappin his hands. He found himself wondering idly about the symptoms of hypothermia. “A +++++++
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