Lead Poisoning Research Paper

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Lead Poisoning The way lead poisoning had widely spread is due to the lack of care that a lot of companies have stopped watching for in their lead based paints and how it is affecting kids. The reason why this poses such an issue is because there are a lot of different toy products that have lead based paint. As documented in several different sources there are many people that are complaining to these companies, such as the Mattel Toy Company that is getting sued for many of their products because of the link to several kids with lead poisoning. These sources are used different names during my research on lead Alert Recalls by Good Housekeeping, In the lead by Girl 's life, Lead in toy Reebok Charm by Consumer Reports, Playing it safe by Sharon Loh and Elizabeth levy, Toy Recalls by Marti Parham. Lead poisoning in children is a complex issue because exposure is varied, there are alternative ways kids can be exposed, and figuring out exactly which toys are harming children is difficult. Few people truly know how hazardous coloring materials can really be to little kids. Many off brand crayons can be very hazardous to many people because many contain trace amounts of lead. This can led the company responsible for producing the crayons. In turn off brand crayon companies develop more of a fiscal responsibility in order to ensure the safety of their child consumers. Young children are especially at risk of…show more content…
Fisher Price is in the news a lot for having products that contain lead based paints. Fisher Price is in the news due to they are a popular toy company and they do a lot of hard work to make a lot of good toy brands but their problem is that some of lead paint was coming off and it was getting into little kids bodies hurting them immensely. Zebco for their three to four year old plastic fishing
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