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Leader Behaviors vs Manager Behaviors
When it comes to having authority over a group or at the workplace you are either the leader or the manager. Even though they are very similar positions, they do have their differences. The ways they are different from each other are managers were trained for the role, leaders are emotionally intelligent, and leaders are more inspirational than managers. They both have significant roles in their day to day lives but leaders are more born with the skill than managers. As a leader, its more of a natural gift or how you was raised and who you were surrounded by. As a manager, you were most likely once an employee and had to gain that position. I’m saying this because it’s a big difference being put in a situation where
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Not all manager-worker relationships are strictly business but most workers don’t like their managers anyway. Managers have to make sure you’re doing your job effectively and in the time frame. Leaders have more of a personal relationship and they want you to do better. Managers can fire you and you’d be done.
The behaviors of a manager and a leader are similar in some ways but if you look at in detail they have different reasons to why they lead. Managers lead because they have to. If that’s your job title you have to do it to the best you can. That goes with hiring and firing people. A leader will never fire or hire someone. A leader is always encouraging and wants the best for the people that follows them. Also, with a manager you don’t have to build a relationship with your workers. A good manager will, but some managers are mean and kind of jerks. With a leader, it’s hard to be a jerk because know one will like you and want to follow you. I look at LeBron James and then I look at Donald Trump. LeBron is one of the nicest and most intelligent people in this world. We all love him for basketball but eben outside of basketball on how he is to
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