Relationship Between Leaders And Followers

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What is the relation between a leader and followers?
Leader-followers relation is the basically the most important issues in any kind of leadership because without followers leaders don’t exist. Furthermore, perception of followers about the leaders and their performance are the reflection of how successful the leader is. In order words, success of a leader is judged on the basis of their followers’ performance and inspiration level the leader has given. This means the followers coms first and then leaders. So, leaders’ primary focus should be on their followers which include. In Leader – Follower Relationship (LFR), leaders should struggle to empower their followers and build their capacity to deliver the best. Also followers should be clearly
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First, due to some personality characters, some people naturally acquire leadership roles. This means some people have given god gifted qualities which enable them to become leaders by nature. Second, sometimes some people face a crisis or an important event in life. People respond that critical event and showed extraordinary leadership qualities. This points out that an important or critical event at any point of time causes a person to perform beyond his or her own thought. Critical event forces people to maximum use their skills, qualities and expertise in order get the job done. Many people are not aware of their leadership qualities until they are required to do so and important or critical events are best ways that turn ordinary people into extra-ordinary by turning them to leaders. Third, we can choose to become leaders. People can acquire leadership skills. This is called the Transformational or Process Leadership Theory which is the most widely accepted theory today. Leaders have certain skills and qualities and after self-analysis, people find out what skills and qualities of leadership they possess and what they are missing. The ones they are missing, they join educational institutions, trainings, seminars, workshops and develop leadership skills. This way people can become leaders. This means some people are born with leadership skills while others can acquire such skills…show more content…
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