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Leader Interview The individual whom I interview is the principal of a high school. He has been in the education profession for over 20 years, before which he was a pastor. Mr. P holds two Master’s Degree one in Theology and another in Educational Leadership. Mr. P has been a principal for over 6 years; he has been married for 30 years. He and his wife have one child, a boy. The interview took place in his home on a Sunday afternoon. Summary of Interview Mr. P was appointed as a leader after accepting a request for him to fill the vacant post of principal; before that he was a teacher for 14 years. Before that, after nine years of teaching, he accepted the role of a vice principal when he was requested to fill a vacancy. This took place at…show more content…
He was planning to return and continue teaching. Mr. P had to step in and informed him that he would no longer be allowed to teach at the school. Because of this decision Mr. P began receiving tremendous opposition from the faculty. He had the opportunity to present the matter to the School board, who after proper investigation approved his decision. The young man accepted his dismissal without further confrontation. An important lesson he learned is that sometimes as a leader you have to be frank and bold enough to speak the truth. You must be willing to stand and make amendments where necessary for the benefit of the school and its students and teachers. You must also be wise enough not to ruin the reputation of the individual by divulging too much information, even if it may cause others to look at you as the bad guy. Mr P concluded by saying that he does not seek to condemn people, but at the same time will not allow a matter or person to affect the entire school. Lesson Learned An important lesson that I have learned from this assignment is that at times we don’t know where life will take us. Opportunities will be presented to us and if we are fearful, then we will never know what we can accomplish. Hence the reason why it pays to be surrounded by people who pushes you to face and accept challenges.

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