Leader-Scholar-Practitioner-SWOT Analysis

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Leadership Objectives There is a lot that I want to accomplish from by leadership, but initially I prefer to be very careful in those. Each person has their own objectives that they want to accomplish as a leader-scholar-practitioner. Similarly, I too have plans to implement. My plans that I want to accomplish as a leader-scholar-practitioner are as follows: • Implementing proper communication channel: Proper communication channel improves the communication process. Besides, the feedback given by the leaders will be very helpful if followed positively. • Proper candidate screening: Right candidate should be place in the right place as this helps in efficient output. • Open door concept: The concept of open door helps a healthy working environment.…show more content…
A small mistake may ruin all the business. So, a leader should be very careful while planning the ways to develop the competencies. An organization is always benefited by competencies as it enriches the qualities. Before planning the core competencies a leader must be aware of self. Self SWOT analysis is very important in such scenario. As a leader I would realize the SWOT and further take a step to develop the competencies. To evaluate oneself is a very hard job, by knowing ones SWOT one can be able to fulfill the lacking factors and enrich the factors that already…show more content…
Likewise, my weakness would be the tasks that I am ignoring, in confidence in doing certain tasks, workforce, and may be some negative habits. My opportunity may be to grow according to the implementation of the technology, offering a solution whenever there is any complaints from the customer side and lastly the threats may be growing competitor, changing technology and unable to handle the workforce. I have included workforce in strengths and weakness because if employees are happy and work in a loyal manner then they will one of the valuable assets of the organization and if they are not happy with the organization then they will again become the biggest weakness. Developing competencies help to grow the organization. By focusing on the technology, giving employees training, keeping an eye on the competitor, and advertising about the company I intend to develop the competencies. I assume these factors will be beneficial in a long run because initially it may cost money but as time pass by all these factors will giving positive output. For instance, by giving employees today I will be able to use the employee 's knowledge and experience as an valuable
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