Leadership In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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One of the strands in Animal Farm that is of the utmost importance to the story line is leadership. I doubt they would have accomplished as much as they did if not for Snowball, and his excellent leadership. It seems to me that Watership Down also is shaped by leadership, so I will include that in this paper.
Another important thread is militarization. In Efrafa(WD), the rabbits were separated so they couldn’t rebel, and had guards around them constantly to make sure they didn’t do anything bad. On Animal Farm, Napoleon had the dogs to keep the people in line and to kill them if they didn’t. Also, Squealer was constantly around the other animals, and spreads propaganda about the pigs. In a comparison to the real world, I would say he is a bit like Kim Yo-Jong, the Minister of Propaganda in North Korea. Leadership changes and shapes the community. I doubt that Animal Farm would have
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The rabbits have some acceptable leaders, but they also have unacceptable leaders. The acceptable ones listen to the advice that the group gives them, and the unacceptable ones are a lot like Napoleon. All of the animals in AF have a caste system of sorts. The acceptable leader of AF worked alongside the regular animals, and was honest with them. The atrocious leaders of AF separated themselves from the subjects, changed the rules that they broke and lied about it, killed animals, overworked the animals and lied to the subjects about food, Snowball, humans and what they were doing. The core values of AF are to do work. The core values of WD are to stay alive, be happy and be free. In AF, they get to the point about ¾ of the way through the book when the animals are woken up, they get food, go to work, get food and go to bed. That is a pretty dreary life. In WD, they dig the boroughs and then they go on with their lives, having kids and
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