Leadership And Leadership In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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One of the strands in Animal Farm that is of the utmost importance to the story line is leadership. I doubt they would have accomplished as much as they did if not for Snowball, and his excellent leadership. It seems to me that Watership Down also is shaped by leadership, so I will include that in this paper. Another important thread is militarization. In Efrafa(WD), the rabbits were separated so they couldn’t rebel, and had guards around them constantly to make sure they didn’t do anything bad. On Animal Farm, Napoleon had the dogs to keep the people in line and to kill them if they didn’t. Also, Squealer was constantly around the other animals, and spreads propaganda about the pigs. In a comparison to the real world, I would say he is a bit like Kim Yo-Jong, the Minister of Propaganda in North Korea. Leadership changes and shapes the community.…show more content…
He broke the initial rules, then changed the rules to cover it up. Then, he had Squealer go tell the animals that the rules were the same, they just remembered them wrong. The reason that was not the right thing to do is that Napoleon was taking advantage of the animals not being smart. The reason that is wrong is morals, and I know what you’re going to say, “But what really are morals?”. It is still just wrong. In Animal Farm, the question that the pigs ask when the animals question them is, “Surely there is no one among you that wants to see Jones come back?”(pg 26). It seems to me that that question is like when your parents say, “Would you please go unload and reload the dishwasher?” because if you say no, you get into trouble and if you say yes, then you have to do the dishwasher. The question the pigs ask seems unfair because if they say, “Yes, we do want Jones back,” they will get executed, but if they say, “No, we are okay with your leadership,” then they are accepting the
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