Personal Reflection: What Makes A Good Leader?

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Leadership is the skills and the ability to motivate, inspire and support people who are looking to accomplish organisational goals. So, leaders responsibility are to serve their followers by providing them with the adequate tools that can help them to achieve their goals efficiently. Moreover, leadership about maintaining control and the power over followers, influencing them, and ensuring their compliance in following a set of directions and actions (DuBrin, 2015) Leader serve different stakeholders; for example, they provide services for customers, suppliers, partners, employees and other involved people within or outside of a company. Thus, leaders are in continuous collaboration and communication with different groups of people. The most important group of stakeholders are those who follow the leader's guidelines and support him or her to achieve organisational goals. I trust that leadership skills can be developed by acquiring new knowledge, experience and relevant skills over the time. Also, I think that when the leaders understand their identity (Self-Perception), they can start…show more content…
Accordingly, I believe that I need to find a suitable leadership style, which can support me to drive my team. I found that it would be helpful to continuously enhance my leadership skills to help me to be proactive, make things happen and inspire the team, using personal leadership plan (DuBrin, 2015). I found myself a leader who expected to communicate the organisational visions and to motivate the team and to build their confidence as well as empowering them to achieve their goals. Furthermore, I need to consider individual differences and to make everyone in the team feel valued. Similarly, I found myself following transactional leadership style when monitoring team performance and when I provide regular continuous feedback and reward appropriately
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