Leadership And Leadership: The Definition Of Leadership

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Leadership I believe leadership is the action of leading a team to reach a goal, where the leader organizes, and help structure a plan to meet the goal. Some people believe that leadership is a characteristic of the specific type of person, but I think that leadership is more than an attitude towards the goal. I identify more with de definition of the leadership of the 1940s and 1950s described in the book. “The behavior of an individual while involved in directing group activities. At the same time, leadership by persuasion instead of leadership by coercion” (Northouse, 2016 page. 5). Factors that influenced that position; actions, rules, selflessness, organization, self- motivation, and others motivation controlled by the leader. I believe…show more content…
A leader sees a follower’s capacity and strength to help accomplish the goal. Managers are more focus on measuring the achievement of the team. A manager makes sure the setting is appropriate to the meet the goal. A manager makes sure they have control of the situation. Leaders are innovators, always on the look to make a better way to reach their goals. Leaders embrace changes and create better paths to move forward. Managers tend to stick to the plan, they do no embrace changes, and other situations that may change the way to reach the goal. Managers maintain the status quo and structures that work. Leaders are authentic and self-aware. They continuously work to build a unique and different brand. Managers, on the other hand, copy what others do. A leader is willing to take the risk and fail in the trial; they know that with every fail they are closer to master the path to reach the goal. Managers are in constant control, avoiding risk that can lead to fail. A good leader is always work for improvement and stay motivated even if the goal is far to reach. Managers think about the short-term goals. A real leader is also on the look for their target and how to improve themselves. They are in constant search for better paths and personal improvement. Managers are more in the development of skill already acquired or adopt behaviors that are proven to be successful. Therefore, leaders build relationships to improve themselves, and others, Leaders focus on people and what they can bring to the group to reach the goal. Leaders build trust on the team. Managers, focus on the analysis of proved methods to achieve the goal, forgetting the importance of the role of the other. Leaders focus on helping followers to seek

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