Leadership And Path-Goal Theory Of Leadership

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The purpose of this paper is to understand leadership and the path-goal theory of leadership and few others leadership style and how are these theory are supposed to used appropriately. Leadership is the process of influencing others to achieve group or organisational goals . Therefore, a leader’s behaviours is important to an organisation because the achievement of organisational goals mostly depends on a leader and their leadership behaviour(Mc William, Alan 2010) . A leader must deal directly with people, develop rapport with them, persuade and inspire them to collaborate in the achievement of goals and vision.(Sikandar Hayyat Malik, 2013) Path-goals theory is leadership theory that’s states leaders can increase subordinate satisfaction and performance by clarify and clearing the path to goals . (Mc William, Alan 2010) Path-Goal theory, leader provides necessary direction and support to subordinates to achieve individual as well as organisational goals (Silverthorne, 2001). The path-goal theory explains how a leader can provide support to subordinates on the path to goals by using specific behaviour based on subordinates needs and work settings or situations in which subordinates are operating.(Sikandar Hayyat Malik, 2013)

The one of the leadership style in path-goal theory is directive leadership style is leader let employees knows precisely what is expected of them, giving them specific guidelines for the performance of their tasks,scheduling work, settling
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