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If you’ve asked me two years ago about my qualifications for taking up a leadership position I would of been at a lost of words. I’ve never really did a lot of volunteer work, done a lot of work with children, or been considered as a leader of any sort. Recently that has changed. I’ve done more volunteer work. For example, for the past two summers I volunteered a lot at the St. Louis County Library. Basically what you did was run the summer reading program table and that was pretty much giving out prizes. Sounds pretty easy right? Not really. There was lots of interaction with children, mostly under the age of 10. And as you probably know sometimes children are quite difficult. For me a lot of it was explaining things in a way that they could understand. You also had to do a lot of problem solving. For example, if a child lost their paper that keeps track of the books they read or their prize then you had to figure out what to do. Should you give them a new one or are you even allowed to give them another one? Even though this volunteer work wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, I had a lot of fun with the opportunity especially working with the children and I learned a lot from it. As well as volunteering I ended up finding myself as a person who people looked up to or let’s just say a leader of some kind. I do Science Olympiad which is a …show more content…

I really enjoy working with people and communicating with them. I personally prefer working in a group on assignments and projects because I feel like you could do a much better job when you have 2,3, 4, etc. minds working together. Furthermore, if you don’t know something then you have the other people in your group to help you out. I also love challenges and solving them because it’s an awesome feeling when you figure it out. It’s also very rewarding to you and everyone else

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