Transformational Leadership Development

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Developing yourself as a leader is a never-ending process. Even the most effective leaders must be cognizant of the different leadership styles and when to properly apply them. Within the next three to five years, I would like to develop myself in all aspects of leadership. The concepts that I identified as most valuable in the modules that we went over were team roles, the three elements of flexibility, the Air Force core values, developing airmen, and the five styles of effective negotiation. I will apply these concepts to my leadership development to work toward my goal of becoming a transformational leader. At this time, I believe I am a management by exception passive (MBE-P) leader. My work center is highly efficient, so the MBE-P…show more content…
In the next three to five years, to reach my goal of becoming a transformational leader, I will begin by identifying my subordinates, peers, and supervisor’s strengths, weaknesses, and team roles.By identifying these traits, and accessing each team role a member fulfills, it willimprove work center productivity. This will be integral in developing Airmen, another concept I identified as valuable. To apply the concept of “developing Airmen” I must recognize the traits that are currently present, use those traits where applicable, and diagnose the developmental needs of my subordinates, peers, and leadership, all of which will establish what their appropriate team role is. Another valuable concept that is necessary to become a transformational leader is displaying the core values. All Airmen must incorporate these values into their everyday life. A transformational leader must demonstrate the core values and hold their subordinates, peers, and supervisors to these standards as well. The Air Force core values directly relate to the three elements of flexibility. In order to continuously display the elements that define the core values I must be flexible in a cognitive, emotional, and dispositional manner. Using different strategies will encourage excellence in all we do in my subordinates. By varying my emotional approachs I will demonstrate the core value of integrity and enable my peers to cope with their own emotions. Remaining optimistic and realistic will show service before self to my leadership, a necessary skill in a well rounded transformational leader. Finally, the concept I believe is vital to not only incorporate, but also demonstrate to become an effective transformational leader is the five styles of effective negotiation. Leaders must know when and how to use each style appropriately for any given situation. This directly relates to
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