Leadership Camp Personal Statement

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Indicate your previous Leadership Camp experience:
Indicate activities that you will/hope to be involved in next year:
Next year, I hope to be on Link Crew again for my final year, as well as the World Awareness club and I will be applying to be on the Prime Minister’s Federal Youth Council.
If you are selected as a Builder, how will you manage your various commitments and do a good job with everything including school work?
I’m currently in the musical theatre course, which requires a high level of work both inside and outside of the course. With regards to organization and meeting deadlines, the course has taught me how to prioritize my work to ensure that the final product is both high quality and accomplished on time. I am very responsible with the completion of my work and I know my limits and how much work I can handle. Managing my commitments will not be an issue for me.
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Why do you want to be a Builder at next year’s Leadership Camp? I have attended LC for the past three years as a delegate, and in my final year of high school I want to contribute to the unique experience of camp as a Builder to give those in the younger grades the same amazing experience that I’ve had. I want to leave a lasting and positive impact that will inspire delegates to become future Builders, just as my past Builders have for me. I have learned a lot as a delegate, but I believe that I can learn even more as a Builder, and experience camp in a new
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